The first book from author Bob Lamb


"Bob guides you through life on a farm with a charm that is both engaging and honest in description. A great piece of escapism, especially during these challenging times."

5* review on Amazon, Christy Murphy

The family home at Manor Farm
The lake at Manor Farm
Vicki, James, Chris & Bob

Bob Lamb, working farmer and soulful romantic, is facing a challenge - how to give his family farm a future, while honouring its past.


And that’s not the only challenge. The house needs a new roof and there are two sets of boarding school fees to be paid.


Together, Bob and his wickedly intelligent wife, Chris, hatch a series of inspired business plans that they hope will help them navigate the waters ahead. And so they step into a heady whirl of Bed & Breakfast, sheep breeding and sales, nature conservation and development and a lot of hospitality.


This is a tale of dreams, faith, family, self-belief and perseverance. It’s also a tale of friends, laughter, good food, flowing drink and the wonderful idiosyncrasies that are to be found in rural communities.


It’s about what you can achieve when you open your mind, your home and your heart and refuse to take no for an answer.


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